"> CobaltAlloy Production Tubing for Well Completions

Reduce your operational expenditure, boost your well performance and protect your assets with CobaltAlloy tubing. Increased well production for Artificial Lift well completions.

Install CobaltAlloy Production Tubing

21st Century Innovation

CobaltAlloy Production Tubing was developed to be compatible with Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides to offer a unique well completion package. Includes production tubing, sucker rods, premium sucker rod guides, coupling centralizers and tubing centralizers. 

Production tubing options such as boronized, plated and lined tubing were developed last century... upgrade your well completion with CobaltAlloy tubing.

"World First" Tubing/Sucker Rod Package

CobaltAlloy has enhanced "mechano-tribological" properties for reduced friction, lower wear, reduced corrosion, open flow, reduced torque and drag, increased production and reduced well workovers.

This production tubing package ensures that your well completion string is optimized for abrasive wear, corrosion protection, reduced torque, lowest co-efficient of friction and increased well production. 

Corrosion and Abrasion Protection

CobaltAlloy Production Tubing was developed to be compatible with ARPMAX Polymers. If you use a standard “untreated” tubing, a lined tubing, heat treated or boronized tubing that isn’t listed as compatible with ARPMAX Polymers, the well completion may not be optimized and you may risk premature downhole tubing failures.

30x smoother internal surface compared to standard J55 Tubing

CobaltAlloy Production tubing internal protective layer is within the drift diameter specifications, unlike other coatings and liners. 

CobaltAlloy greatly improves resistance to wear, abrasion, and corrosion in production tubing, resulting in fewer tubing failures and related expenses.

Lower Cost than Heat Treated Tubing

A unique well completion package, production tubing engineered to be compatible with ARPMAX Polymer technology. Reduced friction, lower wear, increase production flow and available in all API grades of tubing.

Independent Laboratory testing has proven the proprietary CobaltAlloy Thermo-Mechanical process will outperform competitor tubing and pup joints. 

Operating Temperature

CobaltAlloy Production Tubing has excellent performance in abrasive, erosive and corrosive environments.

The internal protective layer has a high mechanical strength, very low co-efficient of friction and will operate continuously in well temperatures ≤150 C (≤300 F).

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